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Sponsored Content Marketplaces sites list

Excellent sites list from famous Sponsored Content Marketplaces with TOP SEO metrics DA / DR / CF / TF and filter/export tools. Also, we have many sites lists such as a Guest Post sites list, Submissions sites list, and other SEO-useful sites lists for easy-peasy backlink creation.

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TOP Databases of Websites for Backlinks

Our Features

  • For one subscription, you get access to Sponsored Content Marketplaces sites list with 100,000+ sites and three other SEO-useful sites lists.

    Oct 2023 update +19402 sites
  • Convenient interface for working with databases and detailed instructions on how to place a link on the site.

  • You can build different link profiles for different sites.

  • Support 24/7. Help with the databases. Detailed FAQ with answers to all questions.


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We are your colleagues

We are professional link builders with 10+ years experience. Long time we build our process of get new websites for backlinks. So it born idea to create product for just like us. Now we propose our up-to-date databases for all who need it: link builders, SEO, outreach and forum post specialists.

We are Support Ukraine

I am SEO, link building and outreach specialist with 11-years experience. I passed way from SEO optimizer to founder useful SEO product.

Roman Malyshev Co-founder
Roman Malyshev photo

I own several IT start-ups with a total of 5 million unique visitors per month from search engines.

Aleksey Karnaukh Co-founder
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Our team

Iryna Zinchenko photo
Iryna Zinchenko Back-end developer
Andrew Tkachenko photo
Andrew Tkachenko Front-end developer
Vlad Kozyr photo
Vlad Kozyr Content manager
Oleksandr Shut photo
Oleksandr Shut Markup Developer / Web Accessibility Specialist
Victoria Lazor photo
Victoria Lazor QA Tester
Ilya Mioff photo
Ilya Mioff Web designer

A bit about us from our most valued customers

250+ 5 star reviews+

An excellent site list, I thought it was partial. However, there are all the links from the indicated databases. Agony, I highly recommend taking it. The work will go faster when buying links. LinkbdHelper, nice going!

Dmitry Valuev
Dmitry Valuev SEO-specialist

An up-to-date site list was received in accordance with the declared data, as well as, upon personal request, the recommended parameters for the selection of high-quality donors. A helpful thing at work for everyone.

Max Nikolaenko
Max Nikolaenko Digital marketing guru

I bought Linkbdhelper and get new sites db for backlinks every month. This is the first and one such service.

aka Strong-team
aka Strong-team Forum commenting specialist

Great job. I liked it very much. I recommend.

Serg_x SEO agency owner


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Premium site lists containing TOP SEO metrics DA / DR / CF / TF with Detailed Guides + Examples. We have an excellent Sponsored Content Marketplaces sites list, Guest Post sites list, Submission sites list, and other SEO-useful sites lists for easy-peasy backlink creation.

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